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Add structure and style to your descriptions allows you to style descriptions of maps and concepts using wiki-style markup. This lesson will show you how.

Add a heading to a description

You can add a heading to a description by putting a line of equal signs under the heading text as shown above.

When the description is saved, the heading will be displayed by the browser as shown below.

Add a list of bulleted or numbered points

You can add a list of items to your descriptions in by using asterisks or lines starting with a number and a period character as shown above.

The resulting output when the description is saved is shown below.

Add a link to an external web page

You can add hyperlinks to your descriptions using the syntax shown above. The text for the link is contained in square brackets, followed by the URL in parentheses.

The resulting description displayed by the browser is shown below.

What else can I do? uses a third party tool called Markdown to support styling of text. If you are interested in the gory details, you can view the Markdown web site at: