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Grow your understanding: adding Concepts Of Interest makes it easy to grow your understanding one concept at a time. This lesson will show you how.

Concepts possibly of interest

Each concept map and individual concept page in has a section at the bottom called "Concepts possibly of interest". This section invites you to expand your current view by adding concepts to it.

For example, the diagram above shows the concepts we may be interested in when looking at the "Service Provider" concept page from the previous lesson. Note that key concepts are highlighted in this list and may be a good place to start.

Let's add the key concept called "Asset Management Plan" to our concept page by clicking on it.

View the expanded concept map

The Service Provider concept map has now expanded to include Asset Management Plan.

Note that the "Concepts possibly of interest" list at the bottom of the page will change as you add concepts to the diagram. This is because new opportunities to grow the diagram come into play as it grows.

As another example, we'll add the concept of "Risk" to this diagram.

Service Provider concept page with Risk added

The diagram has expanded to include the concept of Risk. You can continue adding concepts until you get a meaningful subset of the domain into view for communication, explanation or review.

Tip: pages built in this way are bookmarkable in your browser since all the concepts you add become part of the URL for the page.