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Making several changes at once with plain text editing allows you to see all the propositions for a domain or a concept at once and edit them using simple plain text. This lesson shows you how.

Edit the propositions for an entire concept map

To edit the propositions for a domain, click the "edit" link as shown above.

A text box appears with all the propositions for the domain available for editing. You can:

1. Add, modify or delete any propositions you want
2. Click Save or Cancel as appropriate to save or abandon your changes

Tip: you can hit "Escape" on your keyboard to cancel and "Ctrl-Enter" to save if you find it easier.

Editing propositions for a single concept

In a very large domain with hundreds of propositions, it may be easier to edit the propositions for a single concept at a time.

Each concept's page has an "edit" link you can click to edit just the propositions for that concept.

Tip: You can add propositions about any concept in the domain in this mode; you don't have to limit yourself to those propositions concerning the concept you started with.