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You can browse all the published concept maps without signing in. If you'd like to create your own concept maps, all you have to do is sign in with Twitter. It's free!


Concept maps can be very handy in hard copy. This lesson will show you how to print your concept maps.

Print a concept map using your browser's standard printing feature

Using your browser's built-in ability to print web pages (usually on the File menu you can select the Print menu item), you can print any map or concept page. This can be especially useful if you have built a custom view of a domain by adding concepts of interest to a concept page. has a built-in print stylesheet that makes the printed version more than just a screen dump of the web page. For example, the navigation bar, links and data entry fields are removed when printing. If your computer is set up to be able to generate PDF's, you can also create a custom PDF of a map or concept.

Print only the graphical Concept Map

Each concept map in lets you print only the diagram without any of the surrounding content.

Click on the "print" link above a concept map diagram as shown above.

The browser presents a page that contains only the concept map diagram. You can use your browser's built-in print facility to print the map.

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