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Concept Map » Infrastructure Asset Management
Concept » Income

Increases in economic benefits during the accounting period in the form of inflows or enhancements of assets or decreases of liabilities that result in increases in equity. other than those relating to contributions from equity participants (contributed capital). The definition of income encompasses both revenue and gains. Revenue arises in the course of the ordinary activities of an entity and is referred to by a variety of different names including sales, fees, interest, dividends, royalties and rent. Gains represent other items that meet the definition of income and may, or may not, arise in the course of the ordinary activities of the entity. Gains represent increases in economic benefit and include, for example, those arising on the disposal of non-current assets. • Capital income includes gain on disposal of non-financial assets, grants and contributions received specifically for new or upgraded assets and physical resources received free of charge, e.g. from a developer. • Operating Income is income shown in the Statement of Comprehensive Income other than capital income.

AIFMG 2009

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