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A way of representing relationships between ideas, images or words, in the same way that a sentence diagram represents the grammar of a sentence, a road map represents the locations of highways and towns, and a circuit diagram represents the workings of an electrical appliance. In a concept map, each word or phrase is connected to another and linked back to the original idea, word or phrase. Concept maps are a way to develop logical thinking and study skills, by revealing connections and helping understand how individual ideas form a larger whole. Wikipedia

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A perceived regularity or pattern in events or objects, or records of events or objects, designated by a label. J. Novak

For example:

  • Asset
  • Member Of Public
  • Local Government
  • Inspection
  1. Concept acts as Object
  2. Concept acts as Subject
  3. Domain declares Concept

A (hierarchical) network comprised of concept-terms (nodes) and directed lines linking pairs of nodes; the linking lines are labeled with explanations of the relationship between node pairs.

  1. Concept Map visualises Domain

A specified sphere of activity or knowledge. For example:

  • Infrastructure Asset Management
  • Rates
  • Inventory
  1. Concept Map visualises Domain
  2. Domain declares Concept
  3. Domain declares Proposition

The Concept to which a statement or proposition is directed. For example, given the statement "Square is a Polygon", "Polygon" is the Object.

  1. Concept acts as Object
  2. Proposition has Object

A predicate is the verb that links concepts to form a proposition. Predicates must contain one or more words composed entirely of lowercase letters. For example:

  • describes
  • focuses on
  • is performed in accordance with
  1. Proposition has Predicate

Propositions are formed by linking two concepts with a predicate. These become the fundamental units of meaning stored in the concept map.

  1. Domain declares Proposition
  2. Proposition has Object
  3. Proposition has Predicate
  4. Proposition has Subject

The Concept about which a statement or proposition is made. For example, given the statement "Square is a Polygon", "Square" is the Subject.

  1. Concept acts as Subject
  2. Proposition has Subject

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