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You have to start somewhere: focusing on a single Concept

One of the best ways to approach a large concept map (and to help others approach it) is to focus on one concept at a time. This lesson will show you how.

Click on any Concept in a Concept Map to focus on it

Every concept in a concept map is a clickable link, as is every concept name in the list of concepts below each concept map.

In the example above, we want to focus on the "Service Provider" concept, so we click on it.

View a Concept page

We are now viewing an individual concept page, which is very similar to the concept map pages we have been viewing up to now. The concept we are focused on is named at the top of the page followed by its description.

The diagram on this page shows only those concepts that are directly related to the concept we are focused on. The list of related concepts below the concept map also includes only those concepts that are included in the diagram. This allows us to understand one small piece of the domain without worrying about all the parts we don't understand just yet.

Tip: printing a concept page makes for small, portable and effective explanatory material.